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Images on this site

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Photos from the HighGarth collection

  1. h009h-hanzgunter.jpg
    Clever Hanz and Gunter Take In Their World. Photo by HighGarth.
  2. h022k-cybelecynston.jpg
    Cynston and Cybele, HighGarth Venerables now at Rainbow Bridge. Photo by Kate Fulkerson.
  3. h012h-tuffyinpond.jpg
    Tuffy, Tuffy Swims in pond at the farm. Photo by HighGarth.
  4. h020h-ben.jpg
    Gentle Ben Photo by HighGarth.
  5. h026c-lilykisskate.jpg
    Lily Rose kisses Kate, photo by Conrad Fulkerson
  6. km0001-1faxkisskarla.jpg
    Fairfax kisses Karla, photo from the collection of Karla McCoy
  7. h023x-judeshow.jpg
    Jude takes Best Puppy, Gray photo by Cathy
  8. h2855k-lilyrosewd.jpg
    Lily Rose Stands in the Wood, photo by Kate Fulkerson, 22 January 2006
  9. h3092h-winpupslil.jpg
    Winnie gets into the whelping box, to help Lily clean her pups. Photo by HighGarth, 24 February 2006

Photos by friends

Used with permission

  1. km1001-faxlogo123.jpg
    HighGarth Fairfax, photo by Karla McCoy
  2. c17622za-kukwlookup.jpg
    Kumbi and Kwali, say they have real needs. Photo by Carol Whitney.


  1. cc0512142058-hiblankvine.gif and cc0512142054-hibordvineright.gif
    Page borders: vine with leaves and flowers, by Carol Whitney (Paint Shop Pro vector drawings)
  2. cc0601311957-himast.jpg
    HighGarth Masthead, design by Carol Whitney
  3. cc0512142155-hiflowersfoot.gif
    Flowers and Stars, Vector drawing by Carol Whitney

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