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and how to reach me

How to reach me

You can reach me by email, at HighGarth Labrador Retrievers

Turid Rugaas

To read some of Turid's articles and to find questions asked of her and her answers, visit

Turid's Calming Signals Community

Turid's Schedule

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Bob and Marian Bailey

Bob and Marian Bailey's main site [Marian died in 2001]

Bob Bailey's site

Keller and Marian Breland Bailey's notorious article, "The Misbehavior of Organisms"


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Carolyn Clark

Carolyn Clarks School and Services

The Centre for Applied Canine Behaviour

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Carol Whitney

Coherent Dog: Fantasia, Fact and Fiction about Dogs

Coherent Dog

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Barbara Ray
Conservation and Wildlife Educator

Coherent Horse: Barbara Ray's personal web site

Coherent Horse

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Karla McCoy
Animal Communication

Animal Communicator, Bach Flower Remedies, TTouch,and other services

Karla McCoy at AnimalTell

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Early Canine Education

Discussion Group for Breeders dedicated to keeping litters intact to 12 or 14 weeks

Early Canine education

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Health Testing Links

Optigen Eye Testing

Learn about Optigen testing

Optigen web site

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PennHIP Web Site

PennHIP's site at the University of Pennsylvania

Information on PennHIP testing

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Yahoo Group on PennHIP Testing

Breeders share information and data on their dogs

Discussion on PennHIP and Optigen testing

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