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HighGarth at Home

Living on the Farm

Lily Rose has her pups

On 9 February, 2006, Lily Rose whelped her pups. Kate reported on 10 February: "We got 7 babies yesterday. All black. Five females, two males."

You can follow reports: Lily Rose's Litter

HighGarth Venerables

Cybele and Cynston, now departed from Planet Earth, represent HighGarth's philopsophy and being to the utmost.

Venerables Cybele and Cynston

Rainbow Bridge Venerables Cynston (in back)
and Cybele (in front)
Photo by Katherine Fulkerson

Why HighGarth?

The name of our kennel and our farm comes from several sources. Garth is Gaelic for meadow.

Many years ago while traveling in the north of England we stayed at a wonderful bed and breakfast, High Garth Farm. There was a centuries-old house with thick masonry walls, the cattle stayed in quarters that were actually under the house, and the family who had lived there for many generations worked their herding dogs in caring for their livestock. The people, the animals, and the land existed as one.

Conrad's grandfather, Raleigh Aaron Shoemaker, called his farm in northwest Missouri Highland Place and Conrad has many happy memories of being there as a child. In the distance, one can see his hometown of Plattsburg, MO.

Finally, our farm in Person Co., NC, near the villages of Timberlake and Helena, is on the slope of a large elevation called Mt. Tirzah. The terrain is very rolling and reminiscent of the mountains. A central feature of the farm is the high meadow sown in Orchard Grass that we harvest each summer for hay. The dogs take us for walks in the pastures, the trails along the Flat River, and through the thousand or so acres of the nearby Hill Forest.

We love visitors and being able to offer some time in a slower, quieter place.

Home on the farm at last

For two years we've been planning and building, and finally, just in time for Lily Rose's litter, we have moved to the farm.

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